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How To Choose The Right LED High Bay Light?

Time:2019-1-20 22:21:14

Faced with a dazzling array of LED high bay lights on the market, many friends don't know how to start at the time of purchase. In fact, they must have a basic understanding of the product before purchasing LED lighting tools. LED high bay lights are no exception. Mining lights need to start from several aspects.

The LED high-bay lamp body is made of light alloy material, special sealing and surface coating treatment, ensuring that the lamp will not corrode in the harsh environment such as humidity and high temperature, and the precision aviation aluminum lens will never rust. Anodized and hardened, thick texture, pressure and wear resistance, never fade. The optimized LED package structure has the advantages of low light attenuation, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

From the details, each arc heat dissipation design, combined with the innovative and optimized air duct, can quickly transfer heat, accelerate air convection, ensure the full range of three-dimensional heat dissipation of the lamp, and make full use of efficient heat conduction to quickly guide the heat of the light source to the heat sink. . , effectively reducing the temperature of the light source. No dust, no mosquitoes, no need to clean the light source frequently. Compared with traditional halogen lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, the LED panel integrates light source with non-contaminating materials and ultraviolet radiation to create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

High quality modular LED high bay lighting soldering circuitry is separate from the power supply. Since the LED high bay light is in use, the power source generates a large amount of heat, and the heat sink of the high quality LED high bay light is generally made of aluminum material, which can effectively dissipate the generated heat. The power supply protects the power of the LED high bay light and extends it. The life of the power supply and the luminaire.

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