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We accomplish it following the policies below:

1、Confirm a clear vision and goal. 
    A common goal is the root of a team, the psychologist Maslow said possessing common vision and goal is the obvious feature of any outstanding team.  People is likely to possess different goal and  expectation for a company due to their different requirements, motivation, sense of worth, position and ways of handling problems, so  in order to make a effective team, it is a must that to possess a common goal, it means to let us know : what goal we need to reach,” what we want to get”. This goal will let our common vision be specified in the working procedure, the goal is the soul for a team , it will direct our to reach success step by step. In order to make the goal with more encourage , we insist on these principles  as below when we design the goal and vision:    

   ①Clear Principle.  Must Clear team’s goals, values and guidelines.   
   ②Incentive  principle. Enact target must motivate member, so that allteam member believes the team's vision and are willing to work hard to achieve it.    
   ③Reasonable principle.  Rational analysis of the team's goalshould be based on the team’s existing internal circumstance resources and marketing opportunities, comprehensive evaluation must be based on the goals of the team, can not be set too high or too low.
   ④Common Principle.  Teamgoal should be embodied of interests of all team members. Not only in line with social norms, with the times, but also with the values ofunity of the team members. Notification should be supported by all members of the team.
   ⑤Potential  principle.  After team changing,theIdeas and goals must be refreshed, otherwise it will lose its function and dynamic action, goal mustbe implementing effectively

2、Developing goodteam atmosphere, Healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships between team members this can make the people from unfamiliar to familiar. from the watch to open, from turbulence to stable, from rejection to    acceptance, from suspicion to trust.  All these can make people remain close for a long time. The more harmonious team relationship, the smaller internal friction of the organization. Better team effectiveness. mutual respect, mutual help and mutual encouragement.Trustis critical function for a team’s healthy development and efficiency improvement. In order to make health development of the team. Corporate senior leadersshouldbe united. Fulfill the commitment for the team punctually. Managementin the implementation of corporate policy must be fair and open, so that team members will have the credits for business leaders and corporate.  At the same time, business managers should give full authorities to the team member of the business area.  Open necessary informationfor the team work, try to create opportunities. Communicated with team members, focus and improve on employee’s job satisfaction and life satisfaction. Team is a stage of all members, personal respect and satisfaction is combined with the team, need to advocate thanksgiving and caring atmosphere in the team. Respect foremployeesand theirs self-esteem.  Unified Team value and self-esteem together. In order to improve employee’s working efficiency and make our employee feelspleasureandchallengesduring the working atmosphere.  We could have some methods to improvement, such as better job benefit. Improved working condition, Job position switch as well.
3、Set up a sound--efficient management and motivation system.

  Sound management system and good motivation system are the impetus to form and maintain team spirits. A highly run team needs building up a reasonable standard that benefits the organization and urges its members to agree on it, obey it. Rational system and system construction mainly consist of:

①Team rules。With the rules, the team could be invincible.

②When grant authority to the junior position, the senior position shall be in a proper way, which can make the responsibility and obligation explicit, bring every aspect of positiveness  and creativity into play

③Excite restraint systems in an efficient way. Pay programs, fair assessment and promotions shall be carried out scientifically. With the encouragement being carried out, the variety of people’ needs shall be fully taken into consideration and encouragement ways shall be plenty and variety. Spirit encouragement is as important as materials rewards. Whether it is the positive encouragement or the negative, it shall be in time, which will facilitate the whole team move forward ceaselessly

4、Attention on cultivating talents

    The entire team quality shall be promoted efficiently, so shall the team competitiveness, and learning is an important aspect. In this intelligent economic age, the only lasting competitive advantage is to be provided with the ability of learning fast than your competitors. To the modern enterprise, corporate learning has already become the learned, creative tools and instruments.. Training is crucial to achieve  the whole team’s goal. In the team, we shall build a pleasant and positive atmosphere, making the members enjoy learning, making sure they can do it better.

   A good enterprise should combine production and management together with providing staff training, so that we can improve it into a learning enterprise. Paying attention to create opportunity for stuff to learn new knowledge and new technology, holding on-the-job training and technology comparing among employees constantly can enhance the quality requirement of stuff. Providing chances to studying abroad, enhance staff's professional knowledge and level can make them suitable for the enterprise better. Meanwhile, a good enterprise should improve the political thought, work ethic, passionate in job and team work of all the staff to form a harmonious, friendly, united and cooperative enterprise.

5、 Improve leadership of lead team. 
    Leadership is one kind of ability of using all kinds of methods to make a team work together on a same objective while build a good relationship between each other in a bewegliches system. The    leaders always play roles of trainer and connector in a good team. They can offer guidance and support to encourage the members, help them find their potential ability. Leader is the steering wheel of a team to affects the spirit of team work. It is commonly known that a good leader can drive and enhance a vitality of the whole team to get a prominent performance. This shows a good enterprise should realize: firstly: how to manage, educate and arrange your employees into a right position; secondly: enhance the predisposition and ability of oneself, good at learning, devising strategies within a command tent and getting to know the objective clearly; thirdly: opening your mind and paying attention to prestige and negate oneself; finally, collect the suggestions of all the members and be democratic when management to make the leaders' level better and better

Development of Learning and exploration, efficiency and execution

In face of the innovation and new situation, an excellent enterprise must keep knowledge and management ideas renewed continuously.

and the forward-looking market positioned, going on the innovation and designation creatively.

Therefore, learning and cultivation systems need stressing, which can enable everybody’s ability of conducting business, ability of flexibility, ability of divergent thinking to be promoted unremittingly. Meanwhile, Taking proper humanized and scientific management process can promote the high-quality and high efficient production scheduling. Start from me, start from now. Quick reaction , high efficient execution and. serve clients, serve the people’s living environment.Ideal new product. 

Health, vitality and social responsible construction

Health and vitality are the driving force that keeps the enterprise moving forward.,which appears not only in the vitality of the products, human concepts and the vitality of keeping pace with the whole society, but also in the respect to the employees and the healthy care in body and mind. Our company provides us with good social insurance ,medical insurance and outdoor tourism occasionally. Evening Parties were often held on holiday, and employees can fully enjoy the culture life, health and happiness. Overwork strategy is not promoted, but if there are any volunteers, the company will make up an extra subsidies,making sure that everyone can keep a optimistic mood.

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Our online supporting time from 8:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m EST 6 days a week.Our email is 24 hours open for customer.
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